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Tower Hoist & Winch

An essential arrangement for placing concrete in multistoried buildings, this Tower Hoist & Winch is driven by a diesel engine.

It consists of modular angle frames that can be joined together for achieving the suitable height. This equipment is the most crucial part of construction process. Depending on the load, the winch is used for adjusting the tension of the rope.

For carrying slabs and bricks

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Technical Specifications

20 MTR. 30 MTR. 40 MTR. 2000 KG.
Capacity 1000 kgs including carriage & skip 1000 kgs including carriage & skip 1000 kgs including carriage & skip 2000 kgs including carriage & skip.
Prime Mover 10 H.P single cylinder air cooled engine or
7.5 H.P electric motor
12 H.P twin cylinder air cooled engine or 10 H.P electric motor 16 H.P single cylinder air cooled engine or 12 H.P. electric motor 20 H.P twin cylinder air cooled engine or
15 H.P electric motor
Wire Rope Length 60 Mtr 90 Mtr 120 Mtr 90 Mtr
Wire Rope Dia 12 m.m 12 m.m 12 m.m 12 m.m
Speed 30 mtr. / minute 30 mtr. / minute 30 mtr. / minute 24 mtr. / minute
Skip Capacity 7 cft 7 cft 7 cft 7 cft
Brake mechanical liner type mechanical liner type mechanical liner type mechanical liner type


  • Single or twin cylinder air cooled engine
  • Have enough power to pull the heavy loads
  • High speed lifting process
  • Mechanical liner brake
  • Safe handling of load in case of instant power failure
  • Optimum wire length and diameter ensures pulling of load without getting loosed or break


  • For carrying and placing slab concrete for constructing multistoried buildings


  • Utility purposes,Ship building construction
  • High rise building construction
  • Passenger hoist

Material Cum Passenger Hoist

Material Cum Passenger Hoist is the best solution for vertical movement of workers and materials at construction site. With this lift, we ensure complete safety as the lift is installed with centrifugal break, fall safe device and emergency stop functions. Designed with wide space for accommodating passengers, it is integrated with a high powered engine for quick and smooth operations.

For lifting construction materials and passengers at the construction site

High rise building projects
Bridge projects


Technical Specifications

Specifications Details
Shifting Mechanism Rack and Pinion
Max Load Capacity 1000kg / 12 persons
Lifting Speed 28 mtr min
Cage Size (mm) 2000(L) x 1300(W)x 2100(H)
Mast Section Size 700 x 700 x 1507 (Pipe 76 Ø)
Max Lifting Height 100 mtr
Power 3 x 10 HP (7.5 kw)
Gear Box Planetory
Brake Electromagnetic
Rack & Pinion Module 8
Door 3
Guide Roller 27 (24+3)

Safety Specifications

Specifications Details
Door interlock By limit switch
Upper Limit 3 Nos.
Lower Limit 3 Nos.
Cage Size(mm) 2000(L) x 1300(W)x 2100(H)
Barricadding at Base Yes
Fall Safe Device Yes (1 Nos)
Emergency stop Yes (2 Nos)
Electromagnetic brake 2 nos


  • Provided with safety enclosure
  • Heavy duty ramp
  • Spacious design
  • Superior braking system
  • Strong ropes ensures safe operation
  • Capacity to pull heavy load
  • Precise control
  • VFD enabled operations
  • Can be used to lift at great heights
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent travelling speed
  • Rack and pinion platform for accuracy and safety
  • Two crane-duty planetary motors
  • Centrifugal brake & best quality core cables
  • Doors on three sides
  • Rack from inside the cabin
  • Full enclosed & half cabin options
  • Easy installation & raising

See Saw Hoist

Our advanced See Was Lift is specifically designed for carrying heavy construction materials up and down at the same time, thus saving the lead time. This works in a simply way, while the upper container is being unloaded, the container below gets loaded. In this way, it delivers excellent output in one run along with complete safety of materials.

Concrete carrying, Brick carrying
Tiles, sanitary material and sand carrying

Construction sites

Technical Specifications

Capacity 7 cft. (Wet).
Discharge 3600 in any direction.
Wheels C.I. Wheels with ball bearings.
Rails 040 m.m. M.S. pipe.
  100 Ft – 80 Ft straight, 10 Ft right band, 10 Ft left bend


  • Technical winch for easy erection
  • Limit switches for upper and lower travel
  • Heavy duty design
  • Safe operations
  • 2 skips on the same column
  • Easy to erect and dismantle
  • Enclosed cabin to carry delicate items
  • 40 load per hour
  • Counteracting buckets
  • Low operational cost
  • High efficiency
  • Reduce labor cost

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