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Shrinkage Limit Test Apparatus

Shrinkage Limit Test Apparatus is specifically designed for determining the shrinkage limit of soil. Conforming to specifications and tolerance in accordance to I.S. 2720 Part VII, this apparatus comprises of high grade components with accurate dimensions.

Standards- IS 2720 Part VII

Heat Resistant, Unbreakable Design
Accuracy in Results, Rust Proof

The Apparatus Includes

  • Porcelain evaporating dish- approx 12cm diam
  • Shrinkage dish of monal metal- 45 mm internal diam X 15 mm high
  • Glass cup- 50 to 55mm diam X 25mm deep
  • Perspex prong plate with three metal prong- 75mm square
  • Spatula made of stainless steel with wooden handle- 20mm width and 80mm long
  • Glass measuring cylinder- 25ml X 0.5 ml graduation
  • Mercury in bottle- 500 gms


  • To determine the water content level in soil


  • Construction industry

Permeability Apparatus

Permeability Apparatus is suitable for testing cement, mortar and concrete specimens. This is specifically designed for determining the depth of penetration of water under pressure in the specimens.

For soil permeability

Pumping ground water
Foundation sites excavations
Dam construction

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  • Accurate result
  • Consistent operation
  • Performed on remoulded or undisturbed samples
  • Space saving design
  • Robust steel frame with clamping system
  • Ability to resist the flow of water
  • Fully automatic

Liquid Limit Device

Liquid Limit Device is manufactured in confirmation with the specifications and tolerance in accordance to IS 2720 Part V and IS 9259. This is designed with a hard rubber base for smooth movement of the carriage assembly to which a brass cup is hinged. This device is attached with a cup that is raised and allowed to fall through a height of 1cm with the help of a lead screw provided at the back of the sliding carriage. In addition to this, the device is supplied complete with a case grande grooving tool and one ASTM Grooving tool and gauge block.

Standards- I.S.2720 Part V and I.S. 9259


  • Hard rubber base
  • Rust proof cup
  • Light weight
  • Manually or motor operated
  • Supplied with a case grande grooving tool


  • Used to determine the moisture content of clay soils that is passed from a plastic to a liquid state


  • Construction industry

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