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Double Drum Walk Behind Vibratory Roller

Double Drum Walk behind Vibratory Roller is excellent equipment for leveling the ground for road construction as well as agricultural purpose.

These are installed with two durable rollers for effective performance. It can achieve an excellent speed 3km. /hr for quick work. Provided with 7.5 KVA generator coupled with 3 hp electric motor, the roller ensures continuous operation even in case of power failure. The optimum amplitude of vibration is produced by using electric motor and hydraulic motor that enables excellent rolling or compaction on the ground. This is available two specifications, multipurpose and hydrostatic roller.

Technical Specifications

Prime Mover a) 7.5 Kva Generator (8 HP diesel high speed engine)
b) 3 H.P., 3P.h x 960 Rpm Electric motor (traction)
c) 40:1 gearbox) Reverse - forward single speed
d) Reverse - forward single speed
Electric Generator a) 7.5 Kva Kirloskar make generator
b) 8.5 H.P. high speed diesel engine
c) Extra electric point provided for other activities
d) when roller not in use
Vibratory Unit a) 1 H.P. 3 P.h. x 1440 Rpm electric motor
b) 2800 vibrations per minute.
Size L-1450 mm x W-1000 mm x H-1080 mm
Speed 3 km/hr
Safety a) Limit switch provided for over drive
b) Electric safety factor provided for over loading


  • Excellent traction
  • Integrated with electric and hydraulic motor
  • High quality vibrations for great compaction
  • Can achieve high speed
  • Provided with extra electric point for other activities
  • Excellent vibration amplitude
  • Durable rollers
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Rust free


  • For compacting the surface


  • Road construction
  • Pavements
  • Agricultural farms

Earth Compactor

Earth Compactor is useful in compaction of the surface after filling murum. We offer two different models of compactors as per the requirement.

Integrated with advanced technique, it quickly and quietly reduces earth masses smoothly. Widely used in road and bridge construction for compaction of soil and other construction material, this has an excellent capacity of carrying out compaction over large area.

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Technical Specifications

Mini Earth Compactor : EC-1 Earth Compactor : EC-2
Size 580 x 470 x 630 x 8 m.m. 800 x SO0 x 850 m.m.
Prime Mover Petrol / Kerosene engine S HP air cooled Lambardini engine
Electric 2 H.P x 1 P.H. 5H.P.X3P.H.
Compaction 1 tonnes 3-4 tonnes
Travel Speed 8 mtr. per minute 12 mtr. per minute
Plate Tn«. 8 m.m. 10 mm


  • Capable of carrying out compaction over large area
  • Powered by petrol and kerosene driven engine
  • Capable of reducing quickly and quietly earth masses in a perfect way
  • Installed with HP air cooled Lombardini engine
  • Can easily compact up to 3-4 tonnes of landmasses
  • Can achieve an excellent travel speed of up to 12 mtr per minute
  • Fast compaction
  • Compact soil or construction materials


  • For leveling of ground surface


  • Road construction
  • Land leveling
  • Rail projects
  • Bridge projects

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